Best Places To Visit In Croatia

Located in the south of Europe, Croatia with its magnificent Adriatic coastline is considered one of the most beautiful parts of Europe. Rich in history and culture, Croatia has a thriving tourism industry with amazing historical sites worth visiting. Here are some of the best places to visit while on vacation in Croatia.


Porec, one of the destinations in Croatia, is one of the most popular tourist resorts on the Istrian peninsula in Croatia. This small but vibrant city is situated on a small peninsula. By the sea, the city is protected by the large St. Nicholas Island, which is also famous for its clean pebble beaches. However, Pork is also famous for many tourist complexes. The most famous of them is the Plava Laguna as well as the Green Lagoon located a few kilometers south of the city.

If you decide to go on vacation in Pork, Croatia, it would be a foolish thing not to travel to the local towns and historical places for which wonderful Israel is known. Correlated so well with Puloy, Pasini, and a few other cities in the north, Bourke makes sense to just spend some time and visit them for a more satisfying holiday.


Situated on the top of Medvednica Mountain, Medvednica is a well-preserved fortress and an attractive tourist attraction that attracts many tourists and guests on holiday in Croatia. Those who are going on vacation in Croatia should visit this place because of its amazing and majestic views.

Muzej Museum

This tourist attraction is located in the famous Croatian city of Zagreb and offers magnificent art by famous artists such as Van Dyck, Lorenzetti, Renoir, and many more. During the Croatian holidays, many tourists and guests take time to see prehistoric exhibitions and paintings.

Assumption Cathedral

The attraction of Dubrovnik is the cathedral, which is often visited by many tourists and guests. While on vacation in Croatia, be sure to visit this beautiful structure and experience the ancient atmosphere of Croatia.

Archaeological Museum of Split

It is the oldest museum in Croatia and has some really old and amazing artifacts. This tourist attraction is often overcrowded with tourists and visitors trying to see objects from the period when the Greeks colonized the Adriatic Sea, as well as prehistoric artifacts as well as Greek and Roman artifacts.

Diocletian’s palace

During your vacation in Croatia, be sure to visit this attraction. From many historic and ancient buildings to well-preserved architecture, this place often attracts many tourists and visitors.


This Croatian region is the perfect way to enjoy a Croatian vacation thanks to its vibrant beaches, coastline, monuments, mountain ranges, and parks. This part of Croatia is a wonderful place surrounded by breathtaking water and beauty.


Go on an extensive tour to Dubrovnik and not only will you be able to experience the masterpieces of this eastern European city, but you will be close enough to take day trips to some unknown and unpublished treasures of the Adriatic. Explore Dubrovnik’s walled cities, enjoy the old city and the hustle and bustle of Luja Square, and pay attention to the grandeur of St. Bless’s Church in neighboring Bosnia and Herzegovina and Motile for its mosques, markets, and pets Before walking along. Wonderful winding alleys.…

Is El Salvador Safe to Travel?

Are you passionate about adventure? You should travel to El Salvador, a much underrated Central American country, and dispel the travel myths that exist. It’s Central America’s most densely populated country, and thus you should expect a lot of people in the small country.

Duped as the Lonely Planet, the untold story is that El Salvador rivals so many top destinations. The small country has so much to offer, the experience you get will make you travel with a larger group next time. 

Is El Salvador safe?

When you look up on the internet, you will find that country’s nickname “the murder capital of the world.” Safety situation is due to several factors, such as being located on the drug corridor and thousands of street gangs. Also, homicide cases are very high in the country.

Nonetheless, the government of El Salvador is doing a lot, and the statistics have been improving since 2015. The crime rates are decreasing and thus no reason to worry when planning to travel to the country. Additionally, the country has never been unsafe for tourists. The nature of crimes in the country mostly entails smuggling drugs. Avoid the cities, where most gang fight and crossfire happen, and you sure of your safety.

When it comes to cuisine, don’t expect to find the country diverse as the regional heavyweights such as Mexico. Nevertheless, you will find some fantastic dishes, including corn, cheese, beans, and many more.

What to expect in El Salvador

Now that you know that El Salvador is safe for you to travel, here are some of the top tourist attractions in El Salvador that you must explore when you get there. 

  1. Visit El Tunco

This beach town is famous due to surfing. The town hosted an International Surf Association event in 2019. The town is home to some of the most spectacular beaches in Central America. 

There are amazing cliffs and waterfalls worth exploring in the hills above the coastline. Getting up to the Tamanique waterfalls presents you with another chance to hike through the hills.

  1. A tour to Ruta de las Flores

When it comes to beauty and spectacular scenes, Ruta de las Flores has it all. Located on the western side, it’s also the country’s top tourist destination. It’s a short distance from El Tunco beach town. There are thousands of different flowers that sprout during the rainy season.

  1. Visit San Miguel

Due to safety concerns, Skip San Salvador and visit San Miguel. There are several breathtaking activities to do while in San Miguel, climb an active volcano, and attend the county’s largest festival. The locals around are so warm and welcoming, often greeting you with smiles.


Everything above is just a nutshell of what to expect in El Salvador, don’t be fooled by Donald Trump calling the country #shithole, it’s worth traveling. And the most important thing being that El Salvador is safe to travel as long as you remain vigilant.