Vacation In Bulgaria

Bulgaria is one of the Balkan countries located between Greece and Romania. It is also a land of many beautiful and interesting places. In fact there are many incredible sights in Bulgaria that are good reasons to visit Bulgaria.

The Thracian Kings Valley

It is also a valley of ancient tombs, such as the famous Kazanluk Tomb, which makes it one of the most popular sights in Bulgaria. The valley has also produced several other archaeological treasures, such as a unique gold mask and a gold crown.

Rila Monastery

Like the Kazanluka Tomb, the Rila Monastery is also a World Heritage Site. Built in the 10th century, the monetary monastery is not only a spiritual center, but also a wonderful architectural feat and literary center situated among the beautiful natural landscape of Rila Mountain.

There are other magnificent mint in Bulgaria that serve as excellent Bulgarian sights, such as the Bachkovo-Asun Monastery along the Chaya River, which is known for its narthex murals, and the Rozhena Monastery, which houses unique wooden sculptures and works by. stained glass art.

Church of Hagia Sophia

Bulgaria also has notable ancient churches, the most famous of which is the Church of Hagia Sophia located in the capital Sofia. The church has a long history, which includes being transformed into a mosque during the Turkish occupation and destroyed by earthquakes in the 19th century. Also worth seeing is the Church of the Holy Trinity in the village of Komshtitza.

Roman Amphitheater

Located in the city of Plovdiv, the Roman amphitheater is not only one of the most popular sights in Bulgaria, but also a stage for numerous musical, opera and ballet performances, including the annual Verdi festival in June. While in Plovdiv, you can also visit various art galleries, such as the Atanas Krastev House and the Philippine Art Gallery.

Pirin National Park

When it comes to natural sights, Bulgaria also has a lot to offer such as the Pirin National Park, which is another World Heritage Site in Bulgaria. This park is the site of two nature reserves that are home to more than 3000 species of plants and animals, many of which are in danger of extinction. Other natural attractions in Bulgaria include the Belogradchik rock formations and the Strandzha Nature Park, the largest national park in Bulgaria.

Black Coast

If you want to sunbathe and strand sand, you can do so in one of the spas in Bulgaria. In fact these resorts, especially Sunny Beach, are the ones that most tourists in Bulgaria are looking for. However it is only one of the reasons to visit Bulgaria because as you have just found out, there are many other amazing sights in Bulgaria that you should definitely see at least once in your life.

What is becoming more popular nowadays is rural vacations in Bulgaria, where people just want to escape the hassle of normal life and want a more relaxed and friendly environment. Being located in a rural area and experiencing the true Bulgarian way of life is a must. The locals are very friendly and very happy to invite you to experience their lifestyle. Village life in Bulgaria is recommended if you are looking for relaxation or relaxation because nothing is more relaxing than living in a true Bulgarian village.

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